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Erika Dittmer

15 feb.

21 mars




Presentationsteknik med Erika Dittmer (in English)


Ever wonder why you seem to lose your audience's attention? Or wonder why people give you feedback after your presentation that doesn't correspond to your own internal impressions?

You want to know what the most important tool is to improve your presentations? And learn a really easy and a breathing exercise you can do anywhere and anytime?

Then this short and & sweet webinar in presentation skills is for you!

More information and tickets: Länk till annan webbplats.

During the webinar Erika will cover a wide array of topics all concerning presentations, for instance:

  • A quick & easy breathing exercise that you can do anywhere that will ground your body and get your breath back into your lungs
  • Why seeking to get rid of nervousness is a waste of time
  • The most important tool to help you improve your presentations
  • The three parts of a presentation and how to think & work with those parts
  • Time for Q&A where you can get input from Erika live... and more!

Erika Dittmer is a bilingual actress and musical theatre performer.


Erika Dittmer

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